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Terms & Conditions

This promotion will run from Monday 15th June 2020.

The Discount will apply to the following Full Priced Knitwear styles and prices are as ticketed:

20% Wool: 6460GG, 6461GG, 6462GG, 6464GG, 6465GG, 6466GG, 6467GG, 6468GG, 6471GG, 6472GG, 6473GG, 6474GG
50% Wool: 6451GG, 6452GG, 6453GG, 6454GG, 6455GG, 6456GG, 6457GG, 6458GG
Acrylic Knitwear: 6251GG, 6252GG, 6253GG, 6254GG
Alpaca Wool Blend: 6062JJ, 6063JJ, 6064JJ, 6065JJ, 6061GG, 6062GG, 6063GG, 6064GG, 6065GG, 6066GG
Chenille: 6341JJ
Cozy Knitwear: 6201JJ, 6202JJ, 6203JJ, 6204JJ
Fine 60% Merino Blend: 6501GG, 6502GG
Merino Rich Fashion: 6405GG, 6406GG, 6408GG, 6409GG
Rib Knitwear: 3601GG, 3602GG, 3603GG, 3604GG, 3605GG
Soft Cosy Knitwear: 3611GG, 3612GG, 3613GG, 3614GG, 3615GG
Soft Fashion: 4081GG, 4082GG, 4083GG, 4084GG, 4085GG
Soft Knit: 4081JJ, 4082JJ, 4083JJ
Specialty Knitwear: 6961GG, 6962GG, 6963GG, 6964GG
Tonal Marle Knitwear: 6251JJ, 6252JJ, 6253JJ
Two Tone Knitwear: 6260JJ, 6261JJ, 6262JJ, 6263JJ, 6264JJ, 6265JJ, 6268JJ, 6260GG, 6261GG, 6262GG, 6263GG, 6264GG, 6265GG, 6266GG, 6268GG
Ultra Soft Knitwear: 5801GG, 5802GG, 5803GG, 5804GG, 5805GG, 5806GG
Viscose Rich Knitwear: 5720JJ, 5721JJ, 5722JJ, 5723JJ, 5724JJ, 5725JJ, 5726JJ, 5727JJ, 5731JJ, 5732JJ, 5733JJ, 5734JJ, 5735JJ, 5736JJ, 5737JJ

Purchases of discounted Knitwear styles during the 33% Off Promotion will not accumulate points towards the Loyalty Programme
as outlined in the Loyalty Membership Terms & Conditions.

To receive the discount in store and online, the discount will automatically apply to eligible purchases.

No adjustments will be made on previous purchases.

This discount cannot be combined with any other discount, coupon, promotion, redeemed for cash or cash equivalent and is non-transferable.

Caroline Eve reserves the right to modify or cancel this promotion at any time without notice.

If you have any queries, please contact a Caroline Eve Team Member.