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Terms & Conditions

Our ‘Denim Promotion’ will run as follows:
In-Store: From the beginning of trade on Monday 20th June 2022 through to the end of trade on Sunday 26th June 2022.
Online: From 7am on Monday 20th June 2022 through to 11.59pm on Sunday 26th June 2022.

This promotion applies to the following FULL PRICED styles:

  • Value Denim
    RR Season: 6281RR, 6282RR, 6283RR, 6284RR, 6285RR, 6286RR
    MM Season: 6281MM, 6282MM, 6283MM, 6284MM, 6285MM, 6286MM
  • Printed Brush Denim
    MM Season: 6351MM, 6352MM
  • Wonder Denim
    RR Season: 6600RR, 6601RR, 6602RR, 6604RR, 6605RR, 6606RR, 6607RR, 6608RR, 6609RR, 6611RR, 6612RR, 6613RR, 6614RR, 6615RR, 6616RR, 6617RR, 6618RR, 6619RR
    PP Season: 6600PP, 6601PP, 6602PP, 6603PP, 6604PP, 6605PP, 6606PP, 6607PP, 6608PP, 6609PP 6613PP, 6614PP, 6615PP, 6616PP, 6617PP, 6619PP
    MM Season: 6600MM, 6601MM, 6602MM, 6607MM, 6608MM, 6609MM, 6611MM, 6612MM, 6617MM, 6619MM
  • Jacquard Denim
    PP Season: 6621PP, 6622PP
  • Pinstripe Denim
    RR Season: 6631RR, 6632RR
    PP Season: 6631PP, 6632PP
  • Twin Lakes Denim
    PP Season: 6691PP, 6692PP
  • Coloured Denim:
    RR Season: 6700RR, 6701RR, 6702RR, 6703RR, 6704RR, 6705RR, 6706RR, 6707RR
    PP Season: 6701PP, 6702PP, 6703PP, 6704PP, 6705PP, 6707PP
    MM Season: 6700MM, 6701MM, 6702MM, 6703MM, 6704MM, 6705MM 582KK, 6583KK, 6584KK

To receive this discount in-store and online, the discount will automatically apply to eligible styles as follows:
In-Store: When one of the eligible styles is scanned for purchase, the item will be discounted 20%
When two or more of the eligible styles are scanned for purchase, the items will be discounted 25%

Online: Eligible styles will show on the website with the prices discounted by 20%.
When 2 or more eligible styles have been added to your cart, the discounted amount will be recalculated to be 25% off.

No adjustments will be made on previous purchases.

This discount cannot be combined with any other discount, coupon, promotion, redeemed for cash or cash equivalent and is non-transferable.

If you have any queries, please contact a Caroline Eve Team Member.