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Size Guide


- because the fit matters -

  • Size 8 XS 86-88(cm)
    Size 10 S 91-93(cm)
    Size 12 M 96-98(cm)
    Size 14 M/L 101-103(cm)
    Size 16 M/L 106-108(cm)
    Size 18 L 111-113(cm)
    Size 20 XL 116-118(cm)
    Size 22 XXL 121-123(cm)
    Size 24 XXXL 126-128(cm)
  • Size 8 XS 69-71(cm)
    Size 10 S 74-79(cm)
    Size 12 M 79-81(cm)
    Size 14 M/L 84-86(cm)
    Size 16 M/L 89-91(cm)
    Size 18 L 94-96(cm)
    Size 20 XL 99-101(cm)
    Size 22 XXL 104-106(cm)
    Size 24 XXXL 109-111(cm)
  • Size 8 XS 94-96(cm)
    Size 10 S 99-101(cm)
    Size 12 M 104-106(cm)
    Size 14 M/L 109-111(cm)
    Size 16 M/L 114-116(cm)
    Size 18 L 119-121(cm)
    Size 20 XL 124-126(cm)
    Size 22 XXL 129-131(cm)
    Size 24 XXXL 134-136(cm)
  • Pant Length T/L I/L
    Above Knee Short 46 - 56 cm  
    Below Knee Pant 64 - 73 cm  
    Mid Calf Length   50 -56 cm
    Crop Length   61 cm
    Capri Length   66 - 69 cm
    Extra Short Length   68 - 70 cm
    Short Length   72 - 74 cm
    Regular Length   78 - 82 cm
    Tall Short Length   86 cm plus
These measurements are approximate and vary between styles.
Size Guide

How to measure:

When measuring, hold the tape a bit loose, as you would like the garment to fit.

Bust/Chest Measure under your arms, around the fullest part of your chest.
Waist Measure around your smallest part of your torso, slightly below your ribcage (approx 15cm down from your chest measurement).
Hip Measure around the fullest part of your hip, at the top of your legs.

High Should Point (HSP)HSP is the length of the garment from the highest point to the shoulder (close to the neck) to the garment hem.

Total Length (T/L)Total length is the measurement from top of the waist of the pant to the hem.

In Leg Length (I/L)In Leg Length is the measurement from the crotch of the pant to the bottom of the hem.