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100% Cotton For Summer

01 Oct 2022


by Susan

Have you seen our new pretty coloured 100% Cotton Blouses? Cotton is one of the most preferred fabrics for the summer months as the natural fibres are lovely and cool to wear. Wearing polyester in the summer can make your day pretty hot and sticky, so wearing Cotton is the most ideal.
There is something about freshly laundered cotton and even better freshly ironed, but if you’re not a fan of ironing, pure cotton can be worn without ironing as your body temperature will see the creases disappear while wearing, making these tops ideal for summer travels.
We have two different styles to choose from and each come in a variety of colours, both are created in textured cotton and start at size 10 through to size 22.

Style 6123TT has a 3/4 sleeve with elastic cuff and a “V” neck with a smallish frill. For those of you with a larger bust, the “V” neckline is the most flattering, and this buttons through with shell like buttons. This style comes in fresh colourways of Lime, Aqua and of course summer wouldn’t be the same without classic White.

The other new style 6121TT is one that goes over your head as it has no buttons. Again it also features the 3/4 sleeve that is flattering on all of us, an open neckline with tie and small frill detail. Some more new colours for us to choose from - White, of course, Sky Blue as this is one of the strongest colours for the new season, and then Sage and Amber for something a bit stronger, perfect if you like to wear the more autumn colours.

Both styles are very easy tops and perfect to pair with denim through to floral skirts. When the warmer months arrive, you’ll be pleased you’ve opted for the 100% Cotton.

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