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A New Style Coat

24 Jun 2023


by Susan

This is my last style guide for the Winter season, as I am off on holiday to some warmer weather across the ditch, and it brings me to talk to you about coats to keep you warm. I am wanting to share with you one coat in particular, that is a new style to our range at Caroline Eve this season, and I think it has many merits...

Coats can be a little tricky, especially if you’re not wanting many of them to cover your bases. I like this little coat very much, as I think it would be much easier to wear. Sometimes wool coats can get a little heavy, let alone carry, should you not require them any longer. This coat, style 8023WW is a lot lighter and is very comfortable to wear.

You can wear this coat with the buttons done up and the detachable belt tied at the front. But it doesn’t have to be worn only this way. On some of my coats with a tie, I hook it around the belt loop again so it won’t move, and I can’t lose it when not in use. I like the look of the belt hanging loose at the sides, with the coat open, but all this is completely optional, of course.

The coat itself is unlined, and you can see it has a curved hemline, which adds a little casualness to the whole look. I would almost call this coat a modern car coat which you’re probably familiar with, but this new style is much easier to wear on an everyday basis when you are just popping out, to anywhere really.

The Textured Marle Coat comes in two colours - a Dark Charcoal and a Wine colour and a great price too, especially now our Coats are all on Sale.

It won’t be long, and I will be back giving you more tips on what I think is a good buy, colour or talking about the best way to wear something new. In the meantime, take care, stay warm - especially if you are going outside in this crazy weather at the moment, and don’t forget your coat!

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