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Brown Is Back!

22 Apr 2023


by Susan

Coffee, Toffee, Espresso and Chocolate all sound delicious and are all beautiful tones of brown. Brown is back in fashion this winter in a big way. I was lucky enough to go on a girls shopping trip to Auckland a few weeks ago, and couldn’t quite believe how much brown was about on the fashion racks.

Brown, no matter the shade, is considered a neutral colour, so it pairs well with other neutrals like black, cream, and white. Brown is a less predictable choice and yet you can wear it with so many colours. It’s surprising that it’s taken some time to return.

Seriously, the option of colours that go with brown are limitless - have you seen brown worn with purple? Or brown worn together with pink - more of a hot lolly pink? A fabulous combination to be worn with darker shades of brown or even a paler camel brown. Think different tones of reds and oranges, yellows and mustards, and greens, especially forest, work really well together with brown.

I have always loved brown with denim, so think colours like navy, chambray, and greys, which lends itself to a more classic look, while the purple and pink is more of a fashion forward combination.

Whatever you are looking for in a staple that comes in black, take a look as it’s also bound to be there in brown. Look gorgeous in brown.

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