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Casually Dressed in 100% Cotton Knit

08 Oct 2022


by Susan

Dresses are the real hero for the new season and even if you haven’t worn a dress in ages, or even before, this is the season that things will probably change for you. The greatest thing about wearing a dress is that it’s one item and you’re done, they do make dressing just that much easier. So, you can put all your efforts into something else, like which shoes you are going to wear with it.

Dresses are fabulous to wear in the summer months, they are a lot cooler to wear in a relaxed fit with really having no waistband as such, with the more floating styles they certainly help keep your temperature down. As you would know already, wearing 100% Cotton in the summer months is a lot better than synthetic, as it’s a natural fabric like linen that is breathable. The ideal choice if you have trouble with overheating in the summer.

Just arrived at our Caroline Eve stores this week is a new range of 100% Cotton Knit dresses, which are just ideal for a casual comfortable dress. Start wearing these dresses now for a wardrobe refresh as you can easily add a cute denim jacket or even a scarf for the early part of the morning, and then take your layers off as the days warms up. We have a great selection of styles to choose from, and different lengths as well. Even though I am short I do like the longer style dresses, as I don’t have to worry whether my legs are tanned or for that matter shaved!

Plain or patterned in some cutesy prints for the summer, these dresses are in store now and are already selling well. Cotton is often hard to find and in a dress at a good price is often even harder. The beauty about cotton is the older and more washed it gets, the more lovely it is to wear.

I’m sure we all have a favourite old t-shirt that we love, and I can pretty much guarantee it’s cotton.

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