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Classically Wool

25 Jun 2022


by Susan

Suddenly Winter is here and I mean really here! I am actually a person who runs hot most of the time, and even for me it’s cool, so out comes my pure wool jerseys. Occasionally I purchase something that isn’t wool as it might be a more fashionable piece of knitwear, and the price reflects that, but I do try to purchase pure wool most of the time and know it is worth the investment.

Pure wool is certainly a little more expensive than mixed or artificial blends, but long term your knitwear can last many years, and that’s wonderful as you can build your knitwear up over time or even years. I like wool obviously for the warmth, but also you can air a wool jersey instead of washing it as it’s a natural fiber, so that’s another benefit in the midst of winter.

I have been at Caroline Eve many years now and I can’t remember when we didn’t have 100% Worsted Wool Knitwear. Every winter we have had these classic 100% wool jerseys and cardigans and I am thrilled to show you a few new styles along with the classics, and in some gorgeous new colours to add some cheerfulness to our sometimes dull winters day.

Whether you prefer a jersey or a cardigan there are small details in both that you may like. For example in our cardigans we have quite a few variations, and one of them is whether it’s a zip or buttons. Some ladies as they age, struggle working with the button, so the choice of the zip here is the perfect answer. Collars and cables are all there to choose from too, and this season is the first year we have had the cutest vest to wear over a shirt or skivvy, or even under a jacket, keeping you lovely and warm.

So if you want to be beautifully warm, then take a look at our new range of 100% Worsted Wool. Mention this email (by me Susan) when purchasing in store or purchase online and we will give you a knitwear comb to keep your jersey or cardigan looking in tip top condition for many years to come.


(Add the Knitwear Comb to the cart, then enter the promo code SUSAN to receive it for free)

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