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Colour Focus Purple - Test

13 May 2021


by Susan

A colour that has been making a comeback this season with newfound popularity is Purple in all shades, but especially in Lilac. I remember when I was younger, I just loved the hue of purple. I remember I had a purple candlewick bedspread which I absolutely loved. I also remember my sister having a purple couch in one of her flats.

Purple is a colour that has not been at the forefront of fashion for some time. But, Purple and Lilac look to have done their full rotation, as it certainly is a renewed fashionable colour.

I am personally taking more to the Lilac shades as it is such a soft and pretty colour that suits most complexions beautifully.

My personal choice to mix Purple with are classic and strong colours such as Black and White. For a softer look, wear them with Silver, Grey or Charcoal tones. Another option is Green, any green, whether it is Bottle, Pastel or Olive. There are statement-making colours that you can mix in like Red, Aqua and Hot Pink. But you can place them with Neutral tones and Denim too.

So, what I am saying is - don’t be afraid to embrace Purple. With its newfound popularity, you’ll be right on trend, even if you do one piece. This week I have given my colour examples using Knitwear that we have available in these hues. We have 20% off all our full-priced Knitwear till next Sunday 23rd May so, perhaps this is the perfect time to embrace the colour Purple.

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