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Elevate your look with a Wide Leg Pant

17 Jun 2023


by Susan

I can remember some years ago, when shopping in New York, I came across the wide-leg pant and could not believe it was returning. I thought to myself that I would never wear that shape again. Fast forward a few years, and what do I wear and prefer to wear - the wide leg pant, of course!

I am not saying that slim or skinny leg lines are out of fashion because they are not. But if you want a more on-trend, modern look, a wide-leg will instantly achieve this result with little effort. I can hear some of you say you are too short for wide-leg pants or jeans. But I am short, at only 5ft 1“ if I’m lucky… maybe more like 5ft nothing. So, what I am saying is if I can wear them, then anyone can, but there are some simple tips on how to wear wide-leg pants no matter what height you are.

Dressing for pants is all about proportion, for example, if you are wearing a baggy shirt, jumper or perhaps an oversized top - then I would always recommend that you wear slim pants so that we see some of your
shape. To keep the proportions right for wide-leg pants or jeans, you need a top that is closer to the body or perhaps cropped so the top is finishing or sitting higher so that we can see the shape of your waist. So, think of a cropped piece of knitwear. Or if it is a shirt, then wear a shorter length shirt or perhaps even knot it in the front to give you shape at the waist. Or a top tucked in. Or finally, a top with a small French tuck - which is a top with a small tuck at the front of the tummy area so we can see the waistband. Following one of these styling tips leaves the leg line to do the work and adds proportion to your look.

Another cool look at present is to add a belt, showing a gorgeous or statement buckle. Depending on how structured your top is, a belt will help with the overall casualness of your outfit. Imagine a cotton shirt with a collar and cuffs up, non-fitting but tucked in. This look will create a casual look - and so will a simple white t-shirt.

A very wide-leg pant is normally made in a soft floaty fabric that has quite a bit of movement, making them the ideal pant to wear with heels for an ultra-flattering look. Denim is quite a bit heavier in terms of fabric but still works very well. They just might not be as wide as the softer style fabrications. I think all wide-leg pants worn with the right top are very flattering for everyone.

Often, when I am out and about, I notice that some ladies get stuck in a bit of a time warp and it can be as simple as a shape or how they are wearing it. By simply changing these you can elevate their whole look. It's often not the garment itself but the way it’s being worn.

So, if you come across our new wide-leg jeans or pants in store, don’t be like me in New York and give them a wide berth. Instead, try them on. You may be pleasantly surprised at how good they look on you.

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