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Forest & Bottle Green

16 Jul 2022


by Susan

This week I want to talk about the colour GREEN - more like Bottle and Forest, the much darker shades of green that are perfect to wear in the cooler winter months. This season has seen lots of new colours for our cooler days, and really most new colours are simply being revisited. I haven’t seen Bottle or Forest Green around for some time, and yet right now it is supremely on-trend.

Some of you will be scratching your heads thinking… But what do I wear it with? If we’re talking winter fashions, then the obvious choice would be navy or black. Forest Green worn with black and highlighted with gold accessories makes for a very sophisticated look. Of course most of us know ‘Black Watch Tartan’ and so here is a pure example of Bottle or Forest Green worn with navy, a tried and tested classic over the years.

However, ask me now what I’d like to see the darker shades of green being worn with if you’re looking for a more modern take on the colour, then I would wear it with any shade of neutral. Absolutely gorgeous with soft beiges, nudes and ivory, especially when textures are added. A modern take that gives a fresh new look. Wear tan or neutral boots with it and the look will be quite simply stunning.

If you’re wanting to stand out from the crowd, more the leader of fashion rather than a follower, then go for more eye catching colours like pink - whether it be burgundy, cerise pink or soft pink. Even lilac goes with Bottle or Forest and we haven’t even got to yellow.

Bottle or Forest - sounds like the perfect new shade of green for winter…

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