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Getting Your Wardrobe Started...Keeping it Simple

03 Dec 2022


by Susan

This time of year becomes busy for us all, and some of us are just starting to think about summer wardrobes. So I thought today I would give you some helpful guidance as to where to start for a more successful wardrobe and in turn save you some money along the way.

It’s great to have a starting point of what kind of wardrobe look you would like — What suits your lifestyle?

Most of us keep things pretty casual but it’s whatever works for you. I have recently in the last couple of years become very fond of dresses. Dresses are easy to wear and can be dressed up or down, but my colour base is always natural or black so I make sure that what I buy works with what I already have. The dress doesn’t have to be black, but ideal if it works with the natural or black accessories I already own.

When we talk about a base colour that means any neutral colour that is worn with other colours. Keeping to one base colour can help with the functionality of your wardrobe, whether your base colour is tan or olive, navy or black, in fact any colour you choose can work.

Starting with a base colour you can then add a fashion colour, and then a highlight colour like cream, ivory or white.

This creates your starting point and keeps you focused so when you come to add accessories you don’t need lots of different shoes, lots of bags or lots of anything really.

Here is the wardrobe I am showing you today. The base colour is Cinnamon or Tan, so Tan shoes and naturally woven accessories would go really well and the natural elements are hot for this summer. The fashion colour would be this gorgeous new colour of the season Olive and the highlight colour here is ivory or linen to lighten things up.

You always need pants for the summer, so I have chosen some lighter softer more summer like fabrics. A few tops of your choice, whether it be a t-shirt or shirt, and a jacket is a must, you want something that works with everything or almost everything so I have chosen faithful denim.

A couple of dresses , perhaps one casual and one more dressy, these are great staples for the summer. Everything is so much easier when it works together and even better for travel and your wallet.

How many times have you randomly purchased something and then you don’t have the shoes, or anything else that works with it, and so it’s left hanging? You don’t need many clothes to create a fantastic wardrobe that works efficiently.

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