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Introducing Bright Green

10 Jun 2023


by Susan

When we think of winter colours, we often think about darker colours such as Navy, Black or Charcoal for our clothing. But this season there are plenty of gorgeous bright colours available, ready to be added for a real pick me up to your daily wardrobe and give us that lift that a bright colour can give.

If you do not have any bright Green currently in your wardrobe, let me show you how to. Green is actually quite an easy colour to work with. Obviously, we can add these brighter Greens to darker colours like Dark Blue or Navy, whereas, in the past, we would have added Red. I think adding a bright Green is a much more modern take and the same could be said about adding Green with Black.

I have always loved the colour combination of Charcoals and Greys with any bright Green. But for something a bit different, why not try Green with a Neutral or Parchment colour. As you know, during the summer months Green works perfectly with White, so you can understand why I'm suggesting that the warmer-toned Neutral and Parchment colourways are the perfect colour choice to try for the Winter season.

Other colour combinations to try with Green are Gingerbread, Oranges and Yellows.

Often in home decorating or fabrics, you will see Green mixed with shades of Pink - this could
be any shade of Pink from a pale Pink to a bright Pink, Burgundy or Plums and even Purples. Of
course, we don’t want you to wear the drapes - but I just want to point out that these colours often
work well in our homes as well as in our wardrobes.

Wearing all bright colours together, like bright Green and bright Pink can look very cool and
flamboyant, showing confidence - but we can also add a little colour and feel quietly confident too.

Whether your shade of Green is Emerald, Jade or Kelly Green, all Greens are a nice addition of colour to your existing wardrobe whether you keep it classic with Denim and stripes or go bright and bold. You don’t have to embrace the whole ensemble, you can add some fashion-fun colour simply by adding one garment like a jersey or shirt.

So, are you brave enough to go Green? Yes of course you are…

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