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Keeping it Black & White

12 Nov 2022


by Susan

Arrived into store is our Printed Boat Pant range, this is a new range for us this season that offers something a little extra special.

We all know how handy short pants and shorts are in the summer months. Looking out today, they could be worn right now, or through to Easter if the weather man is correct with their prediction for a long hot summer.

Personally, I’m not into shorts as per say, I prefer to keep my legs hidden, but in this Printed Boat Pant range there is a perfect length pant for me and you. With three styles to choose from the longer ones would be my pick. However for those ladies who like to wear shorts in summer, these have a nice narrow shape leg line and come in a great Cotton Rich fabric. I love this fabric, 98% cotton and 2% elastane, and with the elastic waistband makes this pant range super comfortable to wear.

We have three different lengths on offer, Shorts, Below Knee and Mid Calf, all in much the same shape and style. Nice little angle pockets, handy for the golfing ladies who really like a pocket.

Three styles in three different prints - Black White Checks, Black White Palms and Navy White Spot (not shown click here to view). Wear with white for a fresh crisp summer look or add any bright coloured top. Colours that are hot right now, like bright pinks or green, a fun sunshine yellow or citrus orange can give you a pop of colour in the hotter months.

Gorgeous prints, Black White Checks, and Black White Palms, black based for a flattering look. All of these pants come in sizes 10-20. Great pants, great fabric, nice prints. What more could you ask for!

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