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Made in India Cotton Dresses

28 Oct 2023


by Susan

We have just released for the first time in store these gorgeous Cotton dresses and skirts that are made in India. Cotton of course is super to wear in the summer months, when the weather is warmer, but Indian Cotton is even nicer. It is because it is so very fine and very soft, and if you’re anything like me, I am all about the texture and the fabric. I really choose and look out for cotton garments for the summer months, as they are much nicer to wear and wash and iron so beautifully if you want to iron them. Sometimes there’s no need to even iron, which is a draw card too.

But the biggest thing about these Indian Cotton dresses is how gorgeous some of these block prints are. I was in store last week and couldn’t help myself and purchased the skirt, so very pretty just to wear with a T-shirt for something very different for me, and the pink dress. I could imagine on a super warm day wearing this dress with a bright lippy, and it makes you feel cool as the fabrics are so very fine and because of the colours and patterns, you can’t actually see through them.

I went for the pinks and reds but the earthy natural browns and teals and yellows are all gorgeous too. I had a friend that travelled to India and she was a bit like me, always wearing classic colours, but after her trip to India, she had promised herself to wear a lot more colour as she found the colours so glorious and everyone wore colour. She looks quite a different person now, allowing all this colour and print into her wardrobe and her life.

Dresses on a hot day are just the perfect scenario as it’s one and you’re done, and in the summer months, dresses are so easy to wear as they are less restrictive.

Cotton is great in summer but Indian Cotton is even better.

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