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Must Have Summer Pant

19 Nov 2022


by Susan

The Linen Blend pant is a must have this season with a real summer vibe. We may have plenty of pants in our wardrobe that we think we can wear all year round, and for the most part we can, but in the summer months the darker pant or solid fabric pant looks too heavy and hot, this is where our lovely soft Linen Blend pant comes into play.

How do you wear linen pants? These pants can be worn with the likes of cotton shirts, pretty blouses and I especially love the look of the classic white t-shirt paired with a softer looking style casual jacket if required. This pant is the perfect holiday addition - think walks on the beach and evening barbecues, perfectly comfortable to be worn when it gets a little chilly at night but still wanting something light, soft and easy to wear.

There are two lengths here, a crop and then a full length, with each length coming in different colourways. The colours are very neutral and natural as well as a couple of gorgeous fashion colours. The wide leg crop pant comes in a lovely new nutmeg, navy, white and natural. Where as the full length comes again in natural, black, chocolate and olive. I think our new linen blend pant is the perfect summer pant, and even better with an elastic drawstring waist.

Christmas is fast approaching and I always like to do something special for you to try. This year I am creating some very tasty treats that are super simple to have for the festive season that you might enjoy.

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