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New Season Shapes

24 Sep 2022


by Susan

With each new season comes new colours and often with that we get some exciting shapes, that keeps us interested and up to date with the latest trends. There is a lot of pretty feminine shapes around for the summer especially in dresses, tops and denim.

Shirts have made a comeback but we also have lots of new season tops, many of these have gorgeous full sleeves with simple elastic bands for ease of wearing. The full sleeve is quite new and very prominent in some tops, and tamer in others. Finishing off on your arm at different lengths, some short and some 3/4 length
but you’ll be on trend and looking very feminine in a voluminous sleeve.

Skirts and dresses are back in full force too, and again very feminine.

Most skirts for this season are full and floating, which are suitable to wear on a hot summers day. Dresses are much the same, gorgeous and floating with longer lengths, so we don’t have to worry too much about our paler legs and our knees. The voluminous sleeve is often pronounced here as well along with the three tier skirt.

In our stores at present we have a huge range of pretty floral or gingham checks with more designs, patterns and colours arriving every week.

Next new shape is in our denim range. If you have teenagers, you may have noticed that some of them have been wearing a wide leg denim, and now it’s in our stores available for us too. This jean is full length and has a higher waist with a straight full leg all the way down elongating your look. These are a new modern look and look fantastic on.

If that is a bit too much for you, you might like the new mid calf style jeans, which have the new barrel shape leg. Nicely fitting at the waist and the calf but has a much bigger style shaped leg. Another new shape to add to your wardrobe for this summer. Both of these denim styles have just arrived in our stores and come in different shades of denim blues.

So there’s some new shapes for you to consider for the new season. Pretty voluminous sleeves, long floating skirts and dresses and wider leg denims.

Sometimes a new shape and new look can take time to adjust to, and once you do you’re often left wondering why it took you so long.

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