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Powder Blue... Fresh and New

16 Sep 2023


by Susan

According to colour psychology the colour Blue, powder blue, pastel blue and even baby blue resonates with trust, worthiness and reliability, as well as calmness and relaxation.

I can completely relate to the calming and relaxed effects of Blue as often when I am home you can guarantee I will have something on in blue, I do find it relaxing and off duty and when I step outside into the world again, I am so often in Black.

Looking at our new arrivals, they tend towards delicate and dainty and even sweet. The focus on colour can be extremely refreshing especially after winter, when we are looking for something soft and pretty like this colour blue. Such a good start to the spring wardrobe, don’t you think?

This gorgeous colour can be worn right now with darker blues like navy or midnight and even dark indigo and denim, then as the season progresses into the warmer months you can start adding lighter more fun colours to the tone of this pretty blue.

White of course is always going to look crisp and clean. I think that’s why I have always been a sucker for a crisp blue or white shirt. They always look good and they are a true classic wardrobe staple in most of our wardrobes.

But branching out right now with the fashion as it is, I think baby blue would look beautiful with lilac, bright pink, as well as soft pink and peach. These are new ideas for colours that can easily be added to this pretty blue.

Orange has always been great, so the peach I mentioned would certainly work. But think of pretty corals, yellows and shades of butter. Navy of course is always the standby and a classic but I just wanted to share how blue can be worn with all these colours giving you a fresh new look at ways to wear it.

So what colour will you add to your baby blue?

Powder Blue... Fresh and New

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