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Simply Chicken

23 Jul 2022


by Susan

The winter season is soon coming to an end and so for a few weeks I will be taking a backseat and waiting for the new season’s fashions to arrive. I have plenty on at home to keep me occupied, as I am converting my garage into a Bed and Breakfast, so you can imagine I have lots of things planned to really wreck my nails! So for my last Stylist Guide this season, rather than talk about our Caroline Eve fashions, I thought I would share a recipe that you might like to try on these winter nights.

Many years ago (unfortunately over 30!!) when I was working for Underground Fashions - gosh that name will take some of you back in time - anyhow this recipe comes from one of the lovely ladies I worked with then. I have cooked it many times, sometimes using lemons and often oranges as oranges and thyme also work wonderfully together.

I cook this often, and it’s great as the plain chickens are so much cheaper than the pre-stuffed and perfect if you’re not eating bread. Using lemons or oranges makes the perfect chicken, ideal to serve with couscous and a salad for the warmer and lighter days, and just as special with a delicious creamy mash and your favourite blanched greens when you’re yearning for some comforting food.

I like to rinse my chicken and pat it dry with a paper towel. Then smash quite a lot of garlic and cut some herbs and cut either your lemons or oranges into wedges. You simply stuff your chicken with these until it just can’t take anymore, adding more herbs and garlic along the way.

In a small bowl that can go into the microwave I add butter to melt and when that has melted I add some white wine, more garlic, more herbs, salt and pepper, a good splash of olive oil and zest from whichever fruit I have chosen.

Having placed my chicken in an ovenproof dish - I then have some tin foil and line the tin with one sheet - and you want the sheet to come up at the sides so you can catch all the juices. Before placing it into the oven to roast, pour the garlic, butter, and wine mixture over the chicken and every so often open your oven and pour over the juices that have run off - baste a few times while cooking. Cook until you see no pink chicken juices - I normally cook a chicken for about 1 and 1/4 hours - but all ovens are different.

You end up with a lovely citrus, garlic, buttery tender chicken. If only all meals could be that simple...

See you back here in a couple of weeks - perhaps after I’ve had my nails done!

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