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So What Colour Denim Should I Purchase?

27 Aug 2022


by Susan

So often when we are about to purchase denim we think about the style, shape and length we require, but colour is not often thought about until you are in the store and asked “So which colour denim are you after?”

There was a time when all denim came in the same colour, and over time and many washes, the denim blue would lighten. But now of course like everything else, this has been all done for us giving us the choice from faded blue denim right through to dark indigo blue right away.

I think it’s easier to think where you’re wanting to wear your denim - this will help you make the right decision and make your wardrobe work that much better. For instance, the darker blue denim is more intense and solid, making your jean work more like a dark pant, so it does come across well in a more dressy situation. Pair your dark denim with bright colours like bright red, yellows, and greens, and it can look very striking - just the same as if you want to go for a classic look. Wear this dark denim with boots or heels and a blouse, then finish off with an open blazer and belt and you will be looking quite stylish and dressy walking out the door in your dark denim.

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Going to the other end of the spectrum with the faded light blue denim, this certainly gives you a more casual vibe. This season for the summer months ahead, the light denim is certainly at the forefront on the fashion rails in terms of colour. You can understand this as the light coloured denim has a more summery dressed-down feel to it. You can imagine this lighter colour denim looking fabulous with fresh white cotton, bright pink - in fact, any pretty pink, lime greens, pale blues, corals, and lemon, all of which are strong contenders in colour for this summer. I have always loved light blue denim with the classic leopard and black or olive. Wearing black you need the light denim for contrast and it does look quite modern..

Then finally we have a mid blue denim that sits right in the middle. This is the denim that is your staple in the wardrobe all year round. Being the blue right in the middle, it’s perfect if you like wearing the colour navy, as it’s light enough to take navy. Think about a navy jersey or even again a navy blazer. Then it also goes well with the likes of bright reds, darker greens, tans and browns. Always a classic, you can often transform this colour denim either way, meaning you could play it up with a stripe shirt, belt and blazer for a more dressy occasion or transform it to wear at home with your favourite sweatshirt and sneaker.

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Whatever colour denim you choose, you can make it work for different occasions, but if you’re right into fashion then the lighter will be the go-to colour for you this season. You will have one colour that is more favourable to yourselves, and a preference, but it’s a good idea to think about what you’re wearing and where you’re wanting to wear your denim.

You can be assured your denim is super hard-wearing and a true staple in your wardrobe in any blue colour you should choose. It’s a true classic that you can wear with sneakers one day and pearls the next!

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