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Sunny Day Blues

14 Oct 2023


by Susan

New season garments are coming into all our Caroline Eve stores now, and it sounds crazy, but some items are already on the sell-out list. This often happens when the new season starts, as we are all so delighted to see new colours, styles and prints, and we certainly have all of these. I think after the winter season, where we have been wearing darker, heavier, and more than likely plain colours, we’re just bursting for something new and FRESH.

So with that, I always love the colour blue, as it’s a “fresh” colour. Blue is very wearable for all of us- it’s much softer and as we get a little older it looks good against our skin. For me, I’ve always loved a blue stripe at any age and I almost have a department of blue stripes in my wardrobe. It’s not too bright to start the season off and very wearable right now. Blue can easily be incorporated into your existing wardrobe, as you will have basic wardrobe staples that effortlessly sit well with the colour, like denim, white, beiges, navy and later on add your favourite brighter colours.

With blue print featuring so strongly, there is a perfect blue for everyone, going from soft skies to
cobalt, marine, and classic navy. Colours are strong this season, but print seems to be stronger if that makes sense. Whether it’s a gingham, a dash or spot, floral, Aztec or just a repeat all-over print! What a nice change to see all these gorgeous patterns with so much choice and variety of colour.

Picking a blue that suits you can be easy, follow this up with picking a print and with so many options, the choice is endless. But keep it fresh, don’t be like me and indulge with a department of blue stripes, mix it up. Perhaps my wardrobe could do with a fresh new print too… oh what will I pick!

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