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The Classic Trench

27 Apr 2024


by Susan

It is so lovely to see the trench coat back in fashion.

It is so lovely to see the trench coat back in fashion.

This season it is more available and is an on-trend item to wear. Having lived in London many moons ago and travelled many times to New York, the classic trench has always been worn on the big city streets and is an iconic staple in any stylish woman’s wardrobe. I have always loved the trench coat so much that a couple of neutral-coloured variations feature in my wardrobe. The beauty of the trench is its simple styling that can take your style from casual to classic. While many jackets are catered for the sporty activewear look, which is ideal if you’re sporty, sometimes a little more style is preferred.

I love the style of the new sweat sets or a super casual pant and t-shirt combination with the trench coat as the top layer. Left open and worn over casual attire is a chic look. I particularly love the olive green trench worn over denim and with the addition of white or black to give a utility kind of feel, perfect for that weekend casual vibe.

For a more dressy look, layer your trench coat over classic tailored trousers with knitwear or a shirt, tucked in with a belt and paired with boots or the on-trend shoe for this season, ballet flats. If you’re a person who prefers a skirt or a dress, then the way to wear these this season is with a long boot. This will look fabulous under a trench coat.

The trench coat comes with a belt and my tip is to leave the coat open and the ties free. To ensure you do not lose the belt I suggest either double-looping it around the belt loop or popping a small stitch in to secure the belt. The trench is a great style coat that is easy to wear. You have comfort without the bulk or heaviness as well as a classic style you can wear every day. The Trench is the perfect classic coat.

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