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The Return of the Classic Shirt

14 May 2022


by Susan

We do our photoshoots well in advance using samples of what is due to arrive in our stores later in the season. Since seeing these two shirts during a photoshoot styling session I have been eagerly awaiting their arrival.

A couple of years ago, I couldn’t purchase a shirt anywhere. But finally, they are back on the racks and these two new shirts are a fresh take on a classic item.

I just love this small black and white check shirt as you can wear it with so much. I kept using it through our shoots, as it was so versatile and easy to work with. I have always been a fan of gingham, but it did become a bit obvious as to how much I liked it (haha). Another shirt that I kept using was our navy stripe shirt.

Whether you love checks or stripes, both shirts are made from Cotton Rich Stretch for added comfort. These shirts are what I would call good staples to add to your wardrobe - they work with anything without making hard work of it.

Personally, I have a black-based wardrobe, so I would tend to go for the check more. But in saying that, I have always loved a blue stripe to wear with denim too. So there’s no choosing which one for me, but I know they will refresh an area that has been lacking simply for love or money when you couldn’t find them.

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