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09 Jul 2022


by Susan

With the colour Tan being named all the colours above, you can see that Tan comes in all shades from rich fudgy tones through to soft milky hues, to something more serious and darker. Tan as a colour is now very much trending in all aspects of fashion clothing, including footwear and even through to makeup.

I love the colour Tan for its richness, it makes for a great winter colour to be worn with Black, Navy and Dark Green. Tan always looks particularly good worn with denim as it offers that highlight colour that often these darker denim colours require in the winter months.

This season there is a new form of neutral - it’s always been there but the colours like Ivory and Beige are also at the forefront, so wearing these much softer colours with Tan makes for a sophisticated look. Wearing these colours look great, but when you add winter weight textures in knitwear, then perhaps add a Tan jacket, this look can be subtle but classy.

If you like clothes on the darker side, then perhaps add Burgundy and Chocolate into the mix. For a new take on your wardrobe this season I would perhaps wear Tan with Beige and then Navy as well… It’s about mixing it up completely or staying all very tonal.

Whatever this colour is called, can we stop naming it chocolate or fudge please... now I have to go find some!

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