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Well Suited

13 May 2023


by Susan

Sometime ago, women working in an office or similar would more than likely wear a suit to work, and that was the case for many years. But honestly the suit became very corporate, dull looking and pretty shapeless as back then there were limited styles available. Then for the past 10 years or so, suits were nowhere to be seen and impossible to buy and so fashion became a lot more casual in the workplace. Now the suit is back! And thankfully far from dull and shapeless, and more about fashion and style.

As I mentioned in last weeks blog, we are wanting to dress up more and wearing a suit would be the perfect scenario, especially through winter. Sometimes in winter we want to dress up for an occasion but it can be quite hard to work out what would work. In the cooler months we wear lots of layers and this does not always have the polished look we are after, but a well shaped suit would be the perfect answer to this.

A straight styled skirt and a matching fitted jacket says anything but work. Wear a simple piece of knitwear or small top underneath with heels or long boots to complete the look. Add some simple jewellery and you’re good to go.

The great bonus with buying a suit is that you can split them up and wear them with other items in your wardrobe, extending their wear. Wear the jacket with some tailored trousers or wear the skirt with a colourful piece of knitwear, or you could change out the jacket for a leather look jacket for a totally different look.

Bring on the glamour, bring back the suit. You might not need it for work but you will feel like a million dollars!

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